I’m an individual myself what are the benefits of outsourcing?

Well this depends on how much time and money you are actually losing whilst doing these tasks yourself when you could in effect be doing something else. Outsourcing your work to me will save not only time but also you will spend less time on everyday tasks like going through endless emails, typing letters etc keeping your database up to date. You will get the vital business help you need leaving you free to building your business and save you money at the same time.

My company already have dedicated secretaries, why would I use you?

What’s the likelihood that you will have to train that temp? What happens when your clients are just left to wonder why they haven’t heard from you? Do you leave the work to pile up for your secretary to come back to? What about all your confidential and sensitive work?  Are you happy for others to deal with it in the absence of your secretary? What about if your company has a quiet period during the year and you really cannot justify paying for extra staff to sit drinking coffee and surfing eBay all day! What about if your company has progressively grown, literally overnight! Where do you put everyone? These are just a few scenarios I have encountered when working in an office and emphasises the added pressures of running either a small business to medium size company. Why don’t you alleviate some of those pressures and outsource?

My work is of a confidential nature, how do you treat such work?

Please rest assured that all work which is undertaken by me is treated with the utmost sensitivity.

I only have a few things I need typing up.

I do not charge a minimum amount. All work undertaken will be priced accordingly regardless of whether it takes 1 minute or 1 hour.

How long does it take to transcribe a tape?

It takes roughly one hour to transcribe 15 minutes of clearly recorded good quality recorded speech, therefore it will take roughly a minimum of 4 – 5 hours to transcribe a one hour tape or longer depending on the quality of the recording.

When will my work be ready?

At the commencement of any assignment, I will provide you with an estimate on how long it is likely to take me. This will however depend on how big the project is, work will be processed on a first-come first served basis. I do understand coming from a legal background that clients do have deadlines and I will endeavour to do my best to meet those deadlines set but these might incur out of hours working which will incur a higher hourly rate. However, please discuss your requirements beforehand. I will always bring this to your attention as to whether those deadlines will not be met for whatever reason.

How do you get the work to me?

Each assignment will be delivered the same way as it was sent to me i.e. post, email (downloaded from my website), CD with digital transcription etc. Unless otherwise stipulated.

How will corrections and amendments be handled?

Ordinary typos will be corrected, of course, without charge. Please note that the first copy sent to you is normally considered a draft and corrections and revisions can be made up to the final copy. Any amendments or revisions made after the final copy is sent are subject to my hourly charge out rate.

Do you offer a 24-hour service?

Meeting tight deadlines is part and parcel of any business and I will take such into consideration. However, my charges will reflect this if out of hours working is required. My normal office hours are 9.00 a.m. –  6.00 p.m. Mon to Fri. but I can work outside these times if required.

Do I have to sign a contract?

For repeat assignments, I will require a signed copy of my Terms and Conditions.  If a retainer is in place each month until 30 days notice is required

How will you charge me?

Most of my work is charged on an hourly basis see my rates. A small charge is applied should any work be deemed an emergency and which requires completion immediately, together with a small levy dependent on the clarity of dictation (if difficult to transcribe).

How do I pay you?

Once your assignment/work has been completed, I will normally send an invoice. I require payment 14 days after the date of invoice. PayPal can be accepted, but please ask for details.

Is my work backed up?

My system is currently protected by an anti-virus, which is updated daily and also protected by a firewall. I also use a well-known offsite back-up system, in case of fire, flood damage, theft etc. where all my data is securely stored and updated regularly.

How long is my work kept before you destroy it?

Normally I will keep work for a minimum of 6 months, after which time, I will transfer your work to disc which will be placed on file and stored for a further six month before it is destroyed.